NFT-Artist Ekaterina Markina

NFT-Artist Ekaterina Markina.

The Beginning of a New Era.
Art cannot be static. Development, movement, revolution and evolution – these are the elements of real creativity! How often do we forget about this when criticizing something new and extraordinary. How often do we cite classic art pieces as an example, without thinking that their creators, too, once met with misunderstanding and rejection. Perhaps this attitude largely explains why representatives of primitive art hid their masterpieces in the far corners of the caves. The risk of being hit with a truncheon for such creativity was quite real.

I am an artist with a classical education, but I have always tried to learn something new. The first attempts were not always easy, but over time I learned to draw everything – classic paintings, interiors, illustrations, logos, coats of arms, prints, mastered wall painting and object design. My knowledge does not cancel the constant striving for self-improvement, since the opportunities to study are now endless, mainly thanks to the Internet: master classes, lectures, lessons on YouTube. In addition, the network provides artists with new opportunities to promote their creativity.

Actively using all the possibilities of the Internet, I can say without undue modesty that now I can complete any, even the most difficult task. I can easily adapt to the customer’s requirements, adequately estimate the terms of execution and the cost of the work. Most of the time I do really difficult tasks, which 90% of the time are unique.

The gallery of my works only in classical performance numbers more than a thousand paintings; I have participated and continue to take part in a large number of projects. Do I feel that I have fully succeeded as an artist? Of course not!
For me, creativity is an endless road to perfection. It cannot end with a cozy dead end, where everything is clear, clear and you don’t want anything else. Art dies in such dead ends, becomes an ordinary work that does not evoke any emotions, feelings, experiences. This is not for me! The eternal desire to go forward does not allow me to calm down, stop, lower the bar, and accept any level of mastery as the pinnacle of creativity.

One day my phone rang. Have you noticed how many changes in our life occur after phone calls? My old American friend Roman Luka called, with whom we were connected by an interesting creative project. Already from the first notes of his voice, I understood – it will be interesting!
Roman is able to break through any “mental ceiling” of consciousness and make the unreal real. The proposal was really very interesting, but it was connected with a topic that was unexpected for me. Being a person who is keenly interested in everything new and unusual, I knew well what the cryptocurrency and blockchain market is and how it works, but I still did not have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice.

This is how I first learned about art markets on marketplaces, about the NFT format, about the OpenSea platform. I realized that for me, as an artist, new horizons have really opened up in the “open sea”! After listening to Roman to the end, I replied: “Let’s try!”, thus starting a new journey in the world of art and blockchain.
Experts know that on OpenSea you can sell digital works of art, the main component of the high value of which is uniqueness. The essence of marketplaces is to create non-fungible tokens, including digital works of art, as unique and inimitable as collectible coins.

But one idea is not enough, it is important to decide where to start. We decided to use my author’s collection of classic paintings and place the finished material on the marketplace, that is, publish everything that I had at that time in digital form, and that belonged to me as an author.
How easy it sounds, right? But first I had to gain a lot of new knowledge. How to create account and e-wallet, how to list paintings for sale. As a motivated person with a huge professional interest, I managed to master these operations quickly enough. But every newbie should be ready for this area of application of efforts on the Internet – you cannot do without it now.
In many ways, we were lucky – we started working on the OpenSea platform at the initial stage, developed and evolved along with it. Even the very date of registration on this resource raises the artist’s reputation to a new level, gives a proof mark that the author will ensure the safety of his digital works. From such nuances, the final value of the paintings is formed.

Do I need to study the specifics of the NFT-market? Many of my colleagues could not even overcome the registration stage, explaining this by a kind of creative thinking. In my opinion, this is just inertia and lack of motivation. It is necessary to study the specifics of the sites, at least in order to understand the very essence of digital creativity, its main feature. The materials published on OpenSea and other sites are not primitive, as it might seem at first glance. Behind the seeming simplicity is a complex marketing intrigue based both on the uniqueness of individual objects of art and on the uniqueness of entire collections.

It is important to understand that digital paintings have not only artistic but also ideological value, with the latter dominating. The idea can be in a plot or personality, an element of a cult game, a fragment of an event – the main thing is that the work evokes real emotions. And emotions are art. Creativity devoid of an idea is not for sale – this is the first law. The second law is that the collector will pay for “emotions”. But it took me several months to figure it out. Thank the stars, friends and early successes inspired and supported me along the way.

My first sale took place just a few days after being posted on the site. It was a digital portrait of Michael Jackson. I painted this picture on a wave of inspiration; this work had everything – love, energy, life. Apparently, the collector who purchased this portrait felt my emotions. This is how my new and interesting life began. I felt it and began to enjoy working in the NFT format. And even when after several sales there was silence, and no one bought anything from me, I was not upset. What could I do? Only working is the best remedy for sad thoughts!

As a result, the peak of activity began in August-September 2021. The global NFT-market has blossomed: the level of sales has risen up, the average turnover, according to official statistics, amounted to $ 90 million per day. A small remark – unofficial statistics simply do not exist here, transparency is the main policy of the blockchain. This largely determines the value of the content itself – the authors know the entire history of their work. This is possible due to a clearly built, continuous and sequential chain containing information about a painting or other object.

Today I continue to work hard, continue to study. Together with Roman Luka, who inspired me to digital creativity, we created a collaboration of our collections, regularly exhibit new works, monitor the market and develop. In many ways, timely access to OpenSea can be compared with timely registration on Instagram; this gives an advantage in promoting your account. Plus an attentive attitude to your work – and the result, like sales, will not keep you waiting!

If someone got the impression that my path was easy, I hasten to disappoint – it is not. During my acquaintance with OpenSea, I went through all the stages – denial, disappointment, anger. It’s not just about money, of course. An artist who thinks only by financial criteria ceases to be an artist, creativity always comes first, but many of my doubts and questions concerned art: “What kind of content is this?! Some kind of nonsense, toys for people who refuse to accept reality and exist in their invented synthetic world! What is the value of these works? Why is it being sold, and sometimes for a lot of money”? I did not understand and was angry. At some point, I even began to think that this was not mine, that I was born for other achievements, that I would never understand this strange digital world. But I am an artist; I continued to paint without leaving OpenSea. And a miracle happened – I understood and accepted a new era of art, and it turned out to be mutual!

Art, business and the Internet have their own laws. It is very important to understand and feel them, believe in your strengths, find harmony, not be afraid of anything and continue to move towards your goal – and then everything will work out! Welcome to the world of crypto art! This is a completely new universe where imagination and creativity rule. A new digital age is coming, which gives us many unique opportunities – the rest depends only on our choice.